The worlds largest computer game?

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Hi all

This has had me thinking for a long time. Are we taking part in the largest computer game ever?

This game is played by a lot of VERY high powered people, controlling the worlds economy in one way or another. All it really is, is a large computer game played by those all over the world with the aim of taking points off each other.

Now if this is the case, then surely the answer to profitable trading is trade like a 5 year old kid. Small children with computer games are incredible. They can analyse data faster than any adult I know. This combined with the complete fearlessness of children, makes for the ultimate trading machine.

So how do we learn to trade like kids. Well just by playing for points, and not allowing ourselves to “Over analyse” every little part of the game.

If anyone has children, then give them a go on a demo trading account and see how they do. I’m pretty sure they will do very well – without knowing the “Rules” of the game, that us adults know. People have often said on this board that psychology is the key to trading, that fear holds traders back, and I’m sure that trading like children would help – but I think that’s HelenQu’s and Les Carlin’s area of expertise.

As I say this has had me puzzled for a while – to the point that when I left my job, I told people I was off to play in the largest computer game in the world, and the more I trade, the more I feel it is true.

Just my thoughts and they’re worth exactly what you paid for them :)


PS: I DO NOT advise having children just to test out this theory – Remember a child is for life – not just for trading

PPS: I reserve the right to change the above view and start having kids to improve trading profitability. Maybe some emini FTSE Beater’s might be running around the place. :D
I've heard that it's easy to teach children how to trade. The trouble, however, is the influence that adults have over them.

How many times have you heard an adult put the fear of God into a child when they are near a large dog, just because the adults are afraid? Or as my dentist says, it's the parents who always tell children about the big needle and that it will hurt!

So if you could impart fearless trading knowledge to a child, I reckon they could keep you in zimmer frames and Stannah stairlifts for the rest of your days!
who says fear isn't good? It's the fear of having to get a proper job that keeps me trading!

My girlfriend hates it every morning when she has to leave for the office and leaves me in my tracky bottoms watching Tricia, oops I mean Bloomberg of course!
Gee thanks,
I gave my trading pot to my kids and now I have a 'really cool' Barbie limo and a complete set of Bayblade battling tops and a Bayblade Stadium (that looks suspiciously like a butchered washing up bowl). This is almost as bad as when my wife bought BHM, ARM and Marconi! I hold you personally responsible, or are you going to duck the issue by claiming I should have seen the MONI buying as some sort of genetic predispostion to losing trades?
Signed Grumpy of Tonbridge Wells