the way binary can be profitable


not long ago i coded an indicator for binary trading that focuses on fewer losing trades in a row while ignoring higher win rate, it all started after i tried almost every binary trading indicator on the market that promises crazy win rate and steady signal, yet got shocked of how all of them fail do to the repainting behavior, so i decided to make something that works, its not the indicator that will work but rather the idea and strategy and it goes like this:
-a minimum deposits of 1000$
-a max losing trades or winning trades in a row of 9 (we can either trade with the indicator or against it depends on who is fewer in row winners or losers)
- now after we picked the settings and we are ready to trade, we start the trading with 1$ only and each time we lose a trade we 1.8x the losing trade size until we hit a winner
after that we reset to the first trading size which was a 1$, when doing so we insure that we recover all the loses plus a small win from losers, however the trades that will win directly without needing to double sizes to recover them are the ones that will make us the money.
-the most important thing is to pick some settings with lesser than 9 trades in a row let it be winners or losers as we can control how we want to trade either with indicator signal direction or against it.
this is my idea for binary options trading, and i thought its worth sharing.


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This sounds a bit like the martingale system which gamblers use, (and is promoted in forex a fair bit) but its main problem is that the risk / reward ratio can become crazy, and at some point you will almost certainly lose a serious chunk of money. The other problem is that you will get to the point where you dont have enough money to place the next trade because you wont have the funds or leverage wont allow