The two most important words


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Oct 14, 2009
Have you thought of starting your own thread? I've always found your posts valuable and interesting, I'm sure other have too...
In the past yes, but in reality if the information that an individual seeks is not inline with what I would be posting there would never be any value associated with it. Hence threads die on their **** so often (good threads at that I may add).

In other words it would be lost, rather than answering a direct question from someone who knows what they are seeking/wanting to find out more about.

For example if we want to talk about time and why it is important, then it is better to reply to the person asking about it, rather than an individual starting off a thread stating that it has real value.

Other day I read a comment that it was impossible to scalp off a SB account, and that no one makes money that way, then that was it, the thread stopped, no one asked why he thought that, let alone that fact that it IS INDEED POSSIBLE in these current volatile conditions - cough cough, prod, conditions and time of day!!!! No one spots it(n).

Anyway, could be some jingles/jangles today, so better to get back to it.
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