The trend is your friend... but not just after Christmas


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I like to keep a portfolio of about 12/15 shares. Obviously its difficult to keep a tight, daily watch on all of them, so I have half my portfolio in longer term holds (Several weeks/months)
I'm also having the annual Spring clean so I'm looking to, as the books tell us, slip into established trends when a dip occurs.

Which brings me around to the title.. Looking through the FT 350, I can locate several candidates but on closer inspection, most recent gains are built on fresh air. Volume was low over Xmas and has been dropping on some shares throughout December. There are bearish divergences starting to appear.

All I'm trying to say... is wait for a few days, no need to rush. You'll buy them cheaper.

Good advice too.............Not sure where the longer term opportunites are going to come from but am watching for short term, and i mean anything from 1 - 10 day, opportunites. This is the only viable trading strategy in these uncertain times. I have been more or less out of the market since the end of August, but back testing has shown there are some opportunites still around as referred to elsewhere re Vodafone, so I look forward to dipping my toe back in those "shark invested waters".

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