Article The Stock Market: A Beginners Guide

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Here we take a beginners look at what the Stock Market is and how it works.
IntroductionApart from the glitz and panache of Hollywood or the iconic World of the pop star the stock market is probably seen as the most glamorous way of making a living (and a very healthy living at that!). Over recent times advances in technology have made the Stock Market far more accessible to the general public. This has made the possibility of becoming rich from stocks far more realistic than obtaining a record deal or a landing a role in a Hollywood production.
Unfortunately involvement in the Stock Market is not a one-way street. It is commonly acknowledged that losing a fortune in Stocks is much easier than gaining one. You will constantly see figures touted for the percentage of people who lose money trading or investing. They range from 90% to as much as 99% depending on which ?market guru? is selling you their foolproof guide to making money.
The true pros, however, will tell you the...
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Page 2 mentions OTC market makers "On the NASDAQ, brokerages act as market makers."

Later the article describes brokers as either full service and discount.

I'd like a little clarity about brokerages vs brokers. From the article I'm left thinking that they are same.

A nice overview. Still quite a few typos.

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