The Head,The Tail,The Whole Damn Thing


You all know me, know how I earn a livin'. I'll catch this bird for you but it aint gonna be easy. I value my neck a whole lot more than IK's 36 lousy bucks. You wanna play it safe, be on welfare the whole winter?Ten thousand dollars for me by myself, for that you get the entry level, the direction, the whole damn thing.

OK, Chief,Hooper, I've sold the dow on a rolling spreadbet at 9745. £10 a point.
Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged wimmin'.

Sorry I don't know you, what on earth are you going on about?

Sounds like you want something - don't talk in riddles, be specific.
Stevie Boy and SallyT,
You've got city hands! Been counting money all yer life?
sally, tis a joke, quint has 'borrowed' the text from the scene in the film 'jaws' where the salty sea dog played by robert shaw tells the community that he will capture the big bad shark for a fee. i think it is showing tonight on itv2
Do you know where it's still (can be made) legal to catch Great Whites,Captain?
bow legged wimmin ?

that's Mr & Mr Kelly
you're showing your age !

kelly's eye ?
You don't want to mess with whitey. By the time he's finished with you it'll look like a kiddies scissor class has been using you as a paper doll.
Much safer to go short on the DOW today.
I once went out Angling,oh yes I did.
I caught just a Tiddler but a fish is a fish.
I threw it back in,to grow and grow.
Set the oars in the Rowlocks and commenced I to row.
The next time I angled.I got a huge bite.
My rod was bent double.Oh my,what a fight.
And when I had reeled in and inspected my prize.
My quarry did pipe up and out came this reprise:
'What the #### are you doing anchoring up to a Divers' bouy!?'
Hey jonnyy40 whats with all the poetry??? Oh let me guess, its some subversive underhand method of showcasing your poetry talents to the numerous poetry wannabees on this board with a view to selling them an overpriced, overhyped seminar on poetry writing skills isn't it? Well its not welocome, ban jonnyy40 NOW!! :LOL:

You've been rumbled and you know it :cheesy: