The First Five Days of Futures


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Hi all,

The first five days :)

I'm cautiously optimistic, I don't do wildly optimisitic so cautiously is pretty good.

I have made 13 trades in 18 hours of screen time.

6 winning trades, average win 6.8 points.
5 losing trades, average loss 3.6 points.
2 flat trades.

I started with £5000 my account now stands at £5111.66 an increase of 2.2%. At no point have I risked more than 1% of my capital on any one trade.

I had teething problems in a few of my first trades, not being used to software etc and getting the hang of where to place trailing stops etc. I think all that mechanical stuff is sorted out now.

The bottom line is fine and I'm pleased with that but that is far from the whole story and if you asked me to rate my trading performance over that time I'd give myself 3/10. Missing chances, not getting into trades. Keeping bad habits from spreadbetting (which means you can't get into a big move because of the spread) I need to re learn that that just doesn't apply any longer. But when you are used to getting clobbered for it, it takes some unlearning.

I think I can do considerably better than this as I get more at ease with the amounts of money and with trading in a different way. I would love to be able to hit my 10% a month growth target whilst I'm still only trading for three hours a day and I will go for it but it may be a wee bit optimistic :)

Thanks for being there for me folks, I "think" I'm on now on my way.

hi Helen
regarding futures trading have you or any one else considered trading the mini dow contracts. On the CBOT website they report record volumes yesterday for the mini dow. Is this new product going to catch on in a big way because it appears to be a more affordable way to trade the dow.Any opinions regarding trading mini dow vs mini s&p,nas ,pros and cons would be much apreciated. Regards Neil.
Hi Neil,

US markets aren't much use to me as I have two small children and my afternoons/evenings are busy. I do know there are some Dow mini traders about though. Certainly IBs special offer makes it very appealing.
Hi, yes very appealing :).

IB Slashes Commissions on the CBOT mini-sized Dow Even Further
As a result of the CBOT waiving all fourth quarter exchange fees for Dow stock index products, IB's mini-sized Dow futures commissions will drop to $1.26 per contract, beginning October 1. This commission rate will be effective through December 31, 2002.