The Brainwashed masses


Aha Level II data, another of those fantastic tools which if anything mislead investors into doing the wrong ting, and yet some of these mugs actually pay for the privelige?!?!?! Another tool that simply put, brainwashes the people away from the simple game of taking moola from the markets. Much like some of these charting techniques, of which 90% do not work - but me broker says they do work, with his selective data he is very convincing, yet the breh has tings to sell. Always have found it strange how peeps look with skepticism open broker upgrades, because the brokers hold stock, yet when a charting school wants to sell some books or a course we are suddenely open-minded. Much to do with lazy peeps trying to find an EASY WAY TO NIRVANA, which mind you is out there, but it ain't in charting, cuz everyone would be doing it then.
I'll try to post this again then...
That's not how one spells 'shepherd' old chap. If you want to start a religion then DO put some effort into getting the promo sheets correct.
Dave again
(I've got 13 floors by the way, but most of them are next to each other - does that count?)
Lord Jamla,
Are you the guy that lives on the top floor penthouse of the Tower Of Babel?
Lord Jamla,

How about offering something constructive.Any fool can criticise, it needs more intelligence to offer some constructive substance so that others might learn.

I notice from your profile that you like to run the odd seminar so you must have some opinions.Share them with us.You will find lots of mine, posted for free on this web site.

I like to run the odd seminar myself and anyone who wants to e- mail the CEO of will get a personal reference of how i prdicted to him a Nasadq move this week 24 hrs before it happened and also showed him how it should be traded.The secrets of which i will be sharing with people attending my next seminar and my t2w 1-2-1 courses.
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