The best Momentum/Trend trading software?



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Hi Guys

What is the best Momentum/Trend trading software when day trading stocks?

Hi Andrew, how do you determine trend? relying on a piece of software to determine trend for you is not the best thing for you in the long run. what happens when things start getting choppy. Your first thought will likely be "this system is crap" in which case you'll be looking for a "better" system whereas a consistent approach where you follow your criteria is the key to lasting satisfaction
try it. Look at what you think is a trend and look at its characteristics, be that an indicator or its cyclic nature. look to develop this eye for determining/spotting your trend in real time.
Looking at trends in hindsight is easy, spotting them develop is not so.
So that would be my advice to you or anybody in fact.
then, once you can identify and determine your own trend, you can look at deciding when to enter and exit and money management, e have a tradeable system that you can can tweak to your hearts content an dmake it better
something you could never have done from a system that you found/bought

just my 2cents worth


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you can recieve one of the best paid trend trading software - trendicator by Anna Monti, they have giveaway on it, gl
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you can recieve one of the best paid trend trading software - trendicator by Anna Monti, they have giveaway on it, gl
It's a scam. The picture on her page which purports to be Anna is used by other forex systems, claiming to be a completely different person. It is also used as stock imagery on legitimate companies websites.

Plus the website just looks appalling anyway, and I wouldn't trust them with my business.


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just pick something simple and learn to use it ............

the key is learning to use an indicator properly and correct and consistent execution......

most indicators give same signals at same time

the secret is execution

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