The art of feeling successful


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We have an opportunity for all traders here who already are or want to be successful and just feel like they did it. We are doing all kind of art stuff - Faux murals, Portraiture, Landscapes, Still-life, you name it, and recently we added Trading theme - which we would like to offer you. One trader is an Elliott’s Waves trader and he wanted to have nice relaxing picture with all Elliott’s Waves patterns there, so for him it’s a reminder, for others it’s just a nice picture. Other traders prefer illustration of never-ending battle ‘Bull vs Bear’. Maybe you are Bear Trader and you want to have illustration of Bear winning over Bull. And maybe it’s quite opposite. Every successful trader had at least The One Big Trade he is proud of. Why not compose that trade into art picture as a reminder of success and victory? Why not looking at that and feel like a winner every single day? We all know that winning mindset is essential part of trading. And success breeds success.

Check the images below or on our website

All images are for inspiration only, every picture is unique and yours will be as well. If you have an idea what you would like to have, send us an email. And if you don’t have an idea but you just want awesome picture, send us an email and we will help you choose the perfect thing for you.

But maybe you already have some reminder of trading on your wall or you just want to make happy your better half. Christmas is coming, we all know that. We also know that women love arts. The perfect gift would be a portrait of you two together (and btw the wedding portraiture are the best gifts for anniversary, just sayin).

Contact us on [email protected] or check our website
Thanks for you time

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'Trading the Wave'

'Bull vs Bear'


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We have already a few people who are interested, anyone else who would like to have a piece of art?
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