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Ever since i was about 15 i wanted to have a go at the stock market, last monday (7 years later) i finally got my backside into gear and took the plunge.
I set up an account with www.hoodlessbrennan.com (free commission for the first month and then flat fee of £7 thereafter), and threw in 1K (just to test the water, lol)

I bought shares in my employer
a well established but lacking company
and 3 lots of shares in AIM companies

The AIM companies i did my research on and was impressed with the product they offered, if would buy it why won't anyone else?

I'm having a little trouble keeping up with all the information with a portfolio of 5 stocks, but to be honest i can see me doing this for quite some time, I'm actually enjoying it.

I tend to spend more time on the internet at work than i do doing work at work...if you get my meaning, and then do research/try to figure out what is going to happen tomorrow when i get home

Software i'm using at the minute is ADVFN, and QT, althought i have just downloaded Stock Analyzer (using tomorrow)

Anyway at the end of the second week I'm looking at between 10-15% increase in portfolio value

Hopefully i'll be around here alot more in future.

Oh BTW.......Hi there! :D

Rant over :eek:

p.s if anyone wants to add some advice please do, I'm trying to learn as much as possible, from as many sources as possible
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Advice? It's a bit late, because I would say stay away from AIM stuff as it is far too risky and hit or miss. Large spreads and thin volume means it may be diffucult to get out when you want, and you need a 10% + rise just to break even....
Good luck anyway as you are already in the game.
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