Technical analysis


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I donot have any knowledge of TA. I am aspiring to trade index futures . Do I really need some knowledge of TA? What is the minimum working knowledge and how long will it take to acquire this knowhow. Where to find these tutorials? Please help Thanks so much
for the product you want to trade, a good book is 'Options, Futures, & Other Derivatives' by John Hull. It's more academically inclined but explains derivatives quite well and should give you a good picture of the mechanics behind the markets.

for technical analysis, a good book is 'Technical Analysis A to Z' by Stephen B. Achelis. it explains most of the popular indicators used and how to interpret them.

i wouldn't go to a seminar because they are vague, regurgitating text book stuff and usually a waste of time. the two books above are more than enough and if you don't like them you can always return them!