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I went short the Ftse last night (will I soon regret it?)

The upper Bollinger band is at 5873. There was Doji formation last night on the future on the Ftse. This is a reversal signal.

There is a minor negative divergence on the RSI on 9 days.
Stochastics are in the overbought area and showing some weakness. The rate of change indicator on 5 days reached its highest reading since 2nd June on 10th April. It has come down a bit, a further element suggesting loss of momentum.

Macd remains positive.

The ADX indicator has been falling since 23rd March and currently stands at 22.36, suggesting loss of directionality.

Conclusion. I personally see more chances of a downside than upside in the near future. Medium term, there is enough evidence that selling pressure has very much diminished.

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FTSE Short

Hi Martin

Was looking at your posting(s) about shorting the FTSE and was curious about one point which I hope you might be able to explain.

You mentioned that the Upper BB was at 5873 on 11/4. Was looking at my chart of the FTSE 100 for that date and I made it nearer 5840. Not a huge differential but wondered if this indicates whether there might be a problem with my data. Or maybe you've changed your BB settings?

Attached is a screen grab of my FTSE 100 chart. Hope you might be able to solve the mystery.

Best wishes



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Second go

Sorry for some reason I managed to save the wrong bit of the chart, here goes again...



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