Technical analysis on PIC (Pace)

My charts confirm your analysis but would mention the RSI at 36.98 and Williams at 79.17 - both turned upwards.

The ??.... will Tuesday show strength to warrant a dip in the water.......not enough evidence for me to venture yet.

I don't see the point in discussing PIC on a separate thread rather than contributing to the one started by Traderx...

John, Uncle,

I cannot check RSI and WLPR right now, but, assuming these readings are correct (no reason to believe they are not), this would indicate to me there is plenty of room for the upside.

There is no evidence, as of yet, of a possible upside, but, if this evidence presented itself later on, then we know that both short term indicators and on-balance volume are positive.

I have just posted on a separate thread few points, which also cover the point correctly raised of why I opened a new thread for PIC

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