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There are a mountain of strategies that use candle patterns, in addition to other criteria, that form a trigger for a trade. Indicators require a peg relative to properties that differ based on the time frame being used. I haven't used indicators for so many years now that I am not even sure when I last touched one.

Last year I stopped used all drawing tools which seemed to open new trading opportunities for me. Furthermore, since October last year, I have simplified it even more and pay no attention the parameters that defines an entry signal - again I am finding new opportunities that previously didn't exist!

Perhaps it's just all the time I have put into this business over the years and I have opened a new chapter in my ability. Perhaps the ability was there all along and It just took changes to expose it. This is all assumptions of course yet I am interested in understanding it more.

I typically trade longer term (daily, weekly) on one account and 4 and 1 hour time frames on another. My methods never seemed to be too consistent below these and perhaps I never really gave them enough time. I have however explored these more recently and the 5 minute has been extremely good.

A little background in case you are wondering. This isn't a situation of me being profitable for the first time. I have been profitable for years. It's a case of something has changed and I am more profitable than ever before.

So to cut long story short. I would like to know from other traders that's been profitable and went through a similar transformation at some point where their trading has been on a higher lever ever since. I would also like to hear from those where it was more of a honeymoon period and had to backtrack to where they were before.

Other opinions welcome also.
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All in due time, life's answers will come to you -- kind of like Neo and the Matrix...the answer is out there...and it's looking for you, and it will find you...if you want it to. :cool:


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Trading s no different to any endeavour in life .......you have the early phase to gain competence and understanding .....then you peel away each layer getting closer and closer to your own truth ......or at least your truth regarding your interpretation of the market and how to trade it

For me it's about reaching plateaus and then breaching them ......nothing is straight line growth in understanding

I went to scalping about 2 years back (after 12years in forex). and threw a lot of my beliefs about forex back,up in the air......based on my experience it settled pretty quickly and has worked out ok.......

I would say that I retained easily 80% of my strategies in the new approach but the new 20 % introduced took it to a much much better place for me ........and moving to scalping also did the trick re absolute daily returns.......4hr/daily charts etc just won't give me the retums I demand to merit the time I contribute to trading

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