i am relatively new to this site, i have been made aware of it from a Retail Trader that has been on here for a while. I am an Institutional Trader for almost 40 years... having worked at names like UBS, MS, GS to just name a few... i have my own Money Management for many years and i tutor Retail Traders and help Retail Traders to master FX so that they can try and compete with the Pro's. It came to my attention that a few of my conversations, chats or posts, were deemed as going against rules or similar....in the latest discussions we compared various different system that offer Retail Trader Capital.... the censorship on here is almost tougher than the one on Twitter and i would suggest to those running this forum, that if one cannot even have a normal conversation of what is going on out there, i wouldnt be surprised if it remains as limited as it currently is.... let me tell you, i dont lose much by not being on here... but some people that are serious about trading might lose something if Pro's that have just one thing in mind , to help, get frustrated by very odd rules that are indeed a bit questionable... i understand that you want to look out for bad language or whatever other scams that goes after peoples money or similar but just keep a bit more of an open mind about when you try to warn people about something. so if you want to continue for this site to never take off.. continue to shut down people with true intentions... i will give it another go next week, if this post doesnt ban me but as i said.. you have more to lose than i have to lose...
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