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Thanks for your interpretation. I am not very confident with triangles, wedges and mathematical workouts of chart formations. Are you able to take me a stage further please?


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Find attached a classic triangle breakout chart for SOF ( Somerfield). The price forms a Low at the "Mouth" of the triangle.The price then bounces up and down between support ( rising line) and the "Base"- which is a straight line.There should be at least two excursions to the limits in both directions to form the "Wedge". The target price is calculated as Base + ( Base-Mouth). This is true for and price and slope of support.This gives a "breakout target price" of 112p.It is not usual for the price to break the base line after breakout, as it did in this case.The breakout occurs approximately 60-75% of the wedge's length- from the Mouth to the point where Support touches the Base Line. In real time OED, you will not know where this point is- you will have to guess it! Ideal entry point would have been between the 20th and 30th April. My son got in on the 11th at 89p- a tad early, and a bit on the "gamble" side.but it's paid off nicely.
Other examples are BAY,SN#,GAW.MGGT
HAS, HSBC, IBT,SGE,TBI are in the process of forming...

Hope this helps.


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Forgot the chart...


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Yes Zippy nice bull wedge too. It's in my "hot list".
BASS too , but LONG term wedge going back to Dec 99
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