Suffering re-quotes!!??

Hi Sharky, Its been a long time, sold moni 1.7p been given 1.64p, must have been swapped about a bit as i pressed the send button.....the fantasy world is no different to the real world ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol... cry....sob.
Hiya Col,

The quote you get is just an indication as our price feed is atl least 15 min delayed, and hence you have to wait 15 mins for it to get actioned, so that it's near-realtime (its the best we can do until we get a realtime feed). So very often the price you get can actually improve or unfortunately in your case, worsen :(

Here's the other minor discrepancy.....most of us have RT data to base our trades on. The competition feed is from company XYZ. I have noticed that the two don't correlate 100%. The intraday "intratick"prices may move a few pence, but the comp. feed just uses the "average" price that is supplied. We are never going to get the correct price to 2 dec. places . Having said that, we should all be grateful that we have such a totally realistic competition to play with. So what if you lose a few hundred copared to the real world? It's the spirit and enjoyment that counts and getting one over on your mates .:) It also helps you realise what a nasty little world it can be out there......and the importance of stops in the real world!
Hi Sharky, Yep, I know how it works, 15min delay and all that, and its correct but the trade 19secs before and the one after are both @1.7p just the way my luck is lol ;-(( Col