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The phsysical gold trader carries a stock of gold of $2,000,000 in his vaults , the gold price drops by 50% , he has losses of $1 m on the value of gold stock.His gold stock went up from $400, 000 to $1.7m , when gold rose from $400 to $1700.He never uses a stop loss , but trades his gold stock daily ,taking in some short positions hedged by options.Every year he makes about $200,000 with the up and down movements in the markets , without leverage..He never loses .

He is not gambling example price of x stocks is going to rise , place a bet black on the stock , this is like going to a casino placing red (price going down ) black (price going up).:LOL:He has the patience to hold his gold stock until it offers him some profit and replaces sold stock at a lower price.

He has no pychological demons or handicaps , he does not fear anything .He can use leverage and get $500,000 a year by using 40 to 1 leverage.He can hold his gold stock for his pension .He is in the 5% club of profitable traders , compared to the trading lottery ticket buyers with a 25 tick stop loss.:smart:

The trading industry vendors like you to believe , you are trading , but in fact you are gambling .The same above model of the gold trader is being applied by a dax futures trader .

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