Street Smarts


Hi everyone, :)

This was one of the books recommended by Chris Manning. Written by Linda Bradford Raschke & another it costs about £100 !!

Has anybody read it and if so would you recommend it ?

Hi Mike,

I think your best bet is to get it from the library :) That's how I got hold of the copy I read. It's OK, sound and realistic stuff but nothing worth paying that much for IMHO.
I have a copy in mint condition. You only need one successful trade using one of the many techniques in there to get your
$175 (£113) back.
LBR and Connors are two of the most successful traders in the US and reading that book, I'm not surprised. One of the best books I've ever read.
Helen, I'm very surprised you got a copy from any library. I tried here in Surrey and it wasn't possible. Lucky lady!
You see them auctioned on ebay quite often and they tend to go for around $150 second hand.
If you want to buy mine, read, absorb, photocopy and sell on to someone else ;-) drop me an email.
Hi Mr Charts,

From the British Library via the University library. There are some nice perks with being a student ;)
Thanks Helen and Mr.Charts,

Interesting difference of opinion leaves me as undecided as b4 ! Have joined Society of TA to get access to library at Barbican but not received membership card yet. Sounds like a good book so will try library first and check Ebay in a moment. Need a new printer anyway. Thanks for offer Mr. Charts, might just do that.

Happy hunting.
Top offer so far £75, it goes to the first person to offer £85 incl postage, otherwise on to ebay and may well get more.