StrategyQuantX ULTIMATE Package for Sale/ Lifetime License


Hello Good Day/Night

I have a Lifetime License for StrategyQuantX Ultimate.
StrategyQuant is a powerful strategy generator and research tool. It allows traders to generate strategies automatically for any market and any time frame using machine learning techniques and it does not require programming skills.
You can use SQ to find new and unique algo-trading systems that can give you a competitive advantage (edge) against other traders.
StrategyQuant is much more than a just strategy generator – its powerful research capabilities allow you to test your trading ideas, run complex tests, and analysis of systematic trading strategies works with Forex and Futures and more can be tested.

I don't have a exact price but if you are interested please send me your offer here or email me ( [email protected] ) Thanks!!
once I come to a good deal we will get StrategyQuant Support to transfer license and account details.
please serious inquiries Thanks.