stop order triggered without existing...


hi paul...
once again I have been triggered a stop order without having one, what I have was a limit at 36p to mt. , so if is possible can you reinstate my holdings in mt.,please!!!
I thought limits / stops were still broken, or did I miss them coming back again ?
Please advise if we can start using them again :)
Some how missed this post!

No stops and limits shouldnt have come back, but I've got a suspicion they've sneaked back in. Techcherry, I'll leave as is now - as it was a couple of weeks ago that you requested it. Sorry about that.
My limits are being triggered below the limit sell value. One today was AVZ bought at 497.5 with a limit sell at 502.5. Triggered below the current price at a loss. Happened on a few others this week but thought I had set them up wrong, saw that one happen within minutes of me setting the limit sell price.

Hi Kevin,

I'll take a proper look over the weekend, but my advice for the moment is to avoid using them. I did remove them, but somehow they creeped back in and I've left them there - probably not a good idea.

Thanks Paul. Wasnt aware that a problem existed. Guess I wont be winning the prize this month, again :(

Would it be possible to credit a loss sfrom BARC this a.m. To where it should have been. Down -£339.20 on that trade which should have been a profit if it had gone through correctly.

[EDIT] Another problem. The transactions dont add up correctly. Check my trades you will see what I mean.

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