Stop-loss and limit-profit points for FTSE and DOW ?


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I read a post in this forum that a guy set 2 points for FTSE, and I don't know how can this work, as FTSE will change 10 points in seconds.

I normally set stop-loss points for FTSE is 30, for DOW is 80, to allow around 1% shaking wave, but wonder how you guys set yours?

Do you always set a stop-loss each time, even you are always in front of PC?

Do you use limit(-profit) order as well when you are not in front of PC?


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My strategy (mechanical) uses ATR (Average True Range). It determines the stop loss size in points that is equivalent to a certain percentage of the 14-day ATR.

I used to use profit targets but found that in the longer-run it was better without them. This varies widely depending on the strategy though - for many strategies they are an essential part of discipline and sound management!

I trade the Dow by the way, and I always use a stop loss.
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