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Newbies, please understand, if you are new to spreadbetting sometimes the markets you engage in are fake!! and these can be altered at will against you.

Do not daytrade if you are spreadbetting.. preferably set up a proper account start small even, use
Etrade/Ameritrade/Tradestation/Optionexpress/schwab.. avoid the jokers like IG Index , they tend to chip away at your costs through problems and fake markets pretending to be the real thing.. would you bet on a horse race oif you knew one or more of the horses are doped? wake up do it properly .. trade dont gamble..

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There's a little error on page 1. In sub-chapter "Why is there more than one price on offer?" you say that a quote needs to go up 1.5 points to break-even if the quotes are 4193 (sell) and 4196 (buy). Is this correct? I think not! To break-even on the spread, the sell quote has to go up 3 points to 4196 (sell) and if volatility permits it, 4199 (buy). If volatility rises the spread will become bigger, thus the breaking-even will be even more challenging. In my opinion that's a major reason to go cash.

Another point of criticism. Your advises about firewalls and antivirus software.. Norton? Microsofts Antispyware? ZoneAlarm is fine, but I think it's better just to tell the readers to keep their systems integrity up to date. Advise them to search for firewall-tests or read tech-sites and ask tech-forums which to use and which not. But then again, no matter how good they say a firewall, antivirus or antispy-malware apps is, never will such programs be 100% secure. This is why my advise is, if you're playing with leverages and are serious about making some dough with spread-betting, get a second backup laptop or pc and always, always have multiple ways to do emergency orders by phone if your broadband connection or even your electricity goes down, which you already emphasized in your article.

Still I liked it, well done.
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