Spreadbet for swing trading


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The point is that no amount of fancy money management will turn a negative expectancy into a positive one. Unless your trading system has an identifiable edge then it will have negative expectancy (after costs). That is %Win x Av Win pts > %Lose x Av Lose pts.

The first thing is to find a system that makes money with no money management shenanigans (ie just open and close position rules), then add money management to optimise those returns.


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I am just about to dive into well paddle in swing trading the ftse. I read marc rivallands book and like his system. I have signed up to ODL markets as I am pretty sure you can trade the ftse for as little as 50p per point which is good for beginners. What I don't understand is why are the september contracts 40 point higher than the rolling. The charts seem to be almost the same but at different prices. Also according to charts should have gone long today. When would be the next point to get in , should i now wait for a 3rd higher high ? or go in tomorrow when it breaches todays high?


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I'm about to plunge into swing trading and was wondering which way to go - do I buy the stock (using FTSE 250) or spreadbet


Certainly, I primarily swing trade with spread bets and it works well for me.
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