Spread Size Variations


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Hi - When Spreads size change do the change equally either side of the mid price or can it vary ? If the later what are the considerations ?


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If you're talking about SB spreads, they will bias the spread depending on their strength of feeling on the underlying's potential strength and direction.

If they have a strong conviction the underlying is set to rise they will bias the spread with the mid-point toward the lower end of the spread. Obviously the opposite if they believe it's set to drop.


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Also on Spreadbet quotes you may find that the quote varies away from the 'mid point' based on the companies particular order book. If, for example on dow, a compnay finds itself with an increasing number of short positions it may start to lower its price in order to discourage any more sellers and attract a few more buyers which, the company hopes will balance out its overall position towards neutral. This is quite rare but it does happen mainly in quicker markets.

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I have had the spread moved against me, too often for my liking.

The alternative, I suppose, is to go with a regular (non spread betting) broker. Any suggestions or recommendations please.
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