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Hi everybody,

I have just brought the Spread King trading system from spread-king.com.

I have had the manual about 3 weeks, and so far, its been pretty succesful, most of my trades have been in profit, apart from 2 trades.

Has anyone else seen or used their manual?



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'Obviously this is what it is all about at the end of the day. However the most important point about making money is to have a system that is consistently producing significantly more winning trades than losing ones. This is the crux because any system can make money, but can it win more often than it loses.'

wont be buying it personally


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No, its not a advert, just a general query to see if any other traders have used their manual, and if they have, what are their thoughts.



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So you gave £200 to a guy in Bolton who doesn't give any contact information on his website? Neither does he list a losing trade.

Interestingly, he says: "You could be earning over £100,000 in the next 12 months, something that we all would like." I bet he would!


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PaulaS - What sort of system is it. ie what markets does it trade ? How often are trades signalled ?

Maybe you should consider opening a monitoring thread where you can post trades in real time for the BB to monitor.

You need to be aware that some systems which appear very good to start with encourage you to over commit yourselves on trades which can, during a bad run (which will occur at some point), lead to capital reduction which will mean that you will have to downsize stakes or deposit more money.



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If it is a 1 off payment, you should back test it over at least 12 months to see what is the most you could have lost. If you need any EOD data just ask and I can post it.


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PaulaS- have you ever traded before? please don't tell me you expect this "system" to be the holy grail? As a matter of intertest, since you believed his hype, why do you think he needs to sell it?? £100,000's in the next 12 months isn't enough? he needs to dilute the system by selling it to you and others for £200??? Oh, I do enjoy a laff on a sunday night!!!


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I asked Spread-King.com a few pertinent questions and have now received their reply, which is shown below.

It beggars belief that they have no embarrassment or explanation for why they leave trades out of their performance figures. I bet they didn't leave out any good winning trades!

They say they have been trading for 10 years, but their reply to Question 3 appears to show they do not even know what Drawdown is ( if they do, then they obviously don't want to say what drawdowns are involved.

Maybe as a paid up customer they will give you the proper answers to the questions.


Many thanks for your query.

1)Are ALL the trades on the Dow and Ftse from 7 Jan listed ie have you left any out?

Yes, we have left some out. We always try to update the performance page, so not all trades are

2)Why are there no trades for the Dow on 8/13/14/15/16/22 Jan or the Ftse on 7/8/10/11/14/15/16/17

We have only included a selection of trades.

3)What was the maximum drawdown on the trades?

We try to limit risk as much as possible. We only trade what we can see, if there is nothing to
trade, we don't trade.

4) How long have you traded this system and can you prove the consistent profitability through
actual trades?

We have been trading just over 10 years, during the early days, we developed a system and slowly
been tweaked, to allow maximum profits and limited losses. We have been trading the system for about
3 1/2yrs.

5)Why are there no Stock or Gold trades shown?

We personally trade only the Dow and the FTSE, but the system has been adapted to allow other
markets, like stocks and commodities to be traded.

Hope this helps.




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so let me see..we have stockmarket king, spread king and an index king..what happened did we run out of real people ??

I think we need a few queens to level the playing field. Any volunteers LOL !!!

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