spread betting with guaranteed stops

Jul 31, 2017
Hi everyone this is my first ever post on a forum and i would like to share my trading experience and ideas in the future but first would like to get some advise for the right brokers

Hi all, i am new to this forum but i have been a active FX trader for the last 9 years. I have mainly spread betted on fx pairs with IG index in UK. Over the last 12 months i have been using a really good feature with IG which is guaranteed stops. when i trade fx pairs, mainly USD/JPY or USD/CAD, the guaranteed stops have been as low as 5 points at least 90% of the time. This does change during news release. With guaranteed stops, I could trade £20 a point with just £118 margin requirement. I will break this down, £100 margin requirement is for guaranteed stoploss of 5 points at £20 a point and £18 for the 0.8 point premium only if my stop gets triggered,
Now using this method, combined with my trading strategy, i have always managed to pull in a minimum of £200 a day. This has now changed unfortunately, IG have still kept the guaranteed stop loss at 5 points but they have increased the margin requirement for the same trade from £120 to £1104. When i questioned them, they said this is new FCA rules and they don't want people to take big risks. I kindly explained its my money, i have a track record of successful trades so can you please change the margin requirements for me but they refused.
Now my question is, are there any other brokers out there who I can trade with using this format of tight guaranteed stop loss and a margin requirement that just covers my guaranteed stop loss?
Apr 4, 2016
Should be careful. The random margin changes are designed to take your money. I suspect soros was the original proposer of the idea. He kept talking about it in some of his videos.

Even if you are able to find a new shop with lower margin requirement, there is no guarantee they will not change it suddenly. Don't be caught with your pants down.