Spon On Software Under Test


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Hi folks,

I've now got my Spon On Trading software under test and am expecting to release it around the 15th May.

The first version allows you to set the breakout bar times and to customise the stop loss. Additionally trading of a single contract only per instance is currently supported.(Will be updated shortly)

It can be used with any instrument available through www.intereractivebrokers.com but is primarily aimed at the EUR/USD future on GLOBEX that trades fro $12.5 per pip.

In order to use the software you will need to have a suitable account with IB, installed API 7.6 and the latest JRE from http://java.sun.com

The software cost is £250 which licenses use for 12 months including free software upgrades and email support. This is less than one decent trade. The March 2004 contract made 1100 pips, i.e $13,000 although there can be no guarentees for the future.

In the near future IB are adding Spot Currency trading to TWS. I expect the spreads and costs to be extremely competitive and these pairs will be able to be traded through Spot On Software.

If you want further details or wish to order the product then please send me an email to [email protected]

Jonny, sounds good. Will you be able to code in an expiry of all orders after 2 hours if no breakout as per the system detailled by Rog111?


excellent, Im building confidence (and funds LOL) with CMC at the moment but already have an IB account from index trading days. I need to get happy with the auto trading concept then I will be on to you for a copy.

BTW what charting package do you use? It seems easy for find Forex charts online but not so for Globex.

I'm currently using Sierrachart with a datafeed from IB.

Hi Neil,

SierraChart with IB is excellent. www.SCMagic.com offers a solution for any missing data etc.

I subscribe to MyTrack bronze for historical data aswell.