Special Theory of Price Discovery (STOPD)


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Has anyone of you used this STOPD written by Lawrence Chan of Neoticker ? Please share your views or opinions about the same.

Special Theory of Price Discovery (STOPD) | DaytradingBias.com

Auction Based Trading Markets Are Unfair By Design
Most of the trading markets nowadays are open auction markets. Auction markets are designed to favour players with intimidating position size capacities.

Read STOPD to learn the truth and start to observe market behaviour in a totally different way.

The Structure is Hidden in Plain Sight
Classic technical analysis suffers from fragmented trading setups and incoherent interpretations, making it difficult to apply in real-life situation.

STOPD provides you with a framework to read the markets fluently as if you are holding onto a GPS at a crossroad.

The Key to Profitability is the Exit Not the Entry
Price pattern recognition and trading setups give you trading entries but failed miserably in providing the all important target zones to exit your trades.

STOPD gives you the structural target when price reacts at structural price level – taking out the guesswork and improve your profitability quickly as it can be integrated with your existing trading strategies easily.



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He posts his weekly predictions based on his STOPD levels here:

Weekly Outlook | DaytradingBias.com

I want to know whether he has EXPLAINED the method / reasons / logic behind these levels and other stuff that he posts on daytradingbias. Why and how he calculates these and what are the practical importance etc ?

Or we simply have to believe in these levels without having any understanding of what they are and how are they calculated etc. ?

Does those paid pdf books contains the proper explanations or not ? If anyone has got these pdf then can you please answer that.

Thanks a lot
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