Someone to trade your system


Hi all,

My first post!!!!

As has been mentioned on numerous occasions, the hardest part after developing any system, is having the confidance and discipline to follow it.

I was therefore wondering whether there exists any reputable brokers or other industry firms that are prepared to undertake overseeing your system and following it as each signal is given (based on money management rules that you have stipulated)

I appreciate the logistics may be impracticle but I guess there may be someone or existing broking companies out there, to whom this may seem like a good idea to offer potential clients - for a fee of course. Surely such a service would take the emotion out of trading altogether for us mortals!

Happy trading :)
What are you trading? Refco may do this if futures or fx are your bag. The extra commissions may be a set back though.

Other wise, try an automated system or use software. Tradestation I believe can do this for you.
Well - I guess you never know until you ask!!!

Thanks 'BBB' - didn't realise anyone did provide such a service, I'll check REFCO Out :)

I do trade FX. How much extra commission are we talking about with REFCO?

Tradestation? How would this work - At present, I have my system set-up on Metastock RT although I do have esignal as well (just find it easier to test my ideas on Metastock - easier coding)

Thanks again for your input 'BBB'...
Refco have an esignal interface. When your entry is hit (that you define on the chart) then the order is automatically routed to your account/broker for execution. This is offered as a package. I believe tradestation also provide API's to your broker - I dont use Tradestation, but a few people here do. Try Trader333 - I think he does.

As for Refco commissions - its negotiable. It will typically depend on your monthly volume. If you want them to execute your strategy, I expect it will be steep - if they agree to take it on.