Skill or luck? An excellent read


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"You need to distinguish the trading exellence and bull`s market" - the old traders say.
Sometimes luck can be important, by it is not about consistency.


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I found this interesting. Is it possible some famous fund managers have attained their performance by chance?

its probably more their actions when the dice was in their favour that made them great any trader.........its about optimising your returns when the markets offer you a window...and minimising losses when those windows are firmly closed

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There can be many evidences where we may perceive that some traders have won trades based on the traders’ luck. But if we try to analyze the whole fact we can actually understand that we are not right in our trading thought. Those successful traders have adequate trading skills and experience. Out of their expertise they can easily forecast the future behaviors from the market forecasts, what we actually perceive as luck.


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and of course the classic Gary player quoting his golf buddy Jerry Barber

"the harder I practice, the luckier I get..."


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I think that to trade well one needs skill for the most part, and occasionally a little bit of luck, but one cannot rely on luck.
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