shorting instruments

ed crane

hit a problem that maybe someone out there can help me with. i trade both cfds and ordinary shares depending on whatever strategy i want to follow.

i have as much exposure as i would want through cfds over the last day or so but want to look at what other securities or instruments might be around which would give me exposure to the short side. unforunately my old-fashioned broker does not allow shorting & cannot deal in the new trading warrants yet.

other than opening an account with another broker which would take time, does anyone out there know of any means by which i could have exposure to the market on the short side.

buying put options would be the obvious one but any thoughts would be gratefully welcomed.

thank you
Surely you can short your CFDs?

I've not heard of a CFD account where you cannot go short!

If you cannot then I suggest you change brokers.

maybe i wasn't clear enough....i have shorted as much as i feel comfortable with via cfds.
Writing calls is one way to go, albeit high risk, giving you a bit of income in the process, but I hesitate in recommending the procedure as I don't know your level of experience and you would be entering into the realms of sodden trousers if it all went pair shaped.
Not something I would do myself but you ask for thoughts and the above IS a method of benefiting from weakness, just I would think not the method of choice in your case, taking into account the risks involved.