Shogun Trader's claim to provide the best day trading service

Is Shay Horowitz's real time chat room for day trading good

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Shay Horowitz aka Shogun Trader at, claims that he has the best trading starategies for day trading and claims that anyone perusing his chat room,which in itself is quite expensive,can earn $17,000 a day,and also states that 90 % of his trades are profitable. I am not sure about the following statement,but I believe that it is true- GMan aka Ken Goldberg used to give real time calls at the chat room available at the URL : ,but was replaced by Shogun Trader,and now GMan conducts a live chat room at theURL: I know for a fact that GMan uses Elliott Waves extensively,combined with Stochastics and uses Multiple Time Frames to label the Elliott waves correctly.
Does anyone know what methodology does Shay Horowitz use,and I would also appreciate any feedback on his live chat room and his training Seminars,which are quite expensive,nearly $ 1300 for all his modules.Does anyone have any experience with Horowitz's methodology,and whether it is useful.I would also like to know whether Horowitz uses Elliott waves as extensively as GMan does in his trading.


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I had a free trial in the Shay room some months ago.

There are often 5 - 8 trades open at once so the funding requirement if trading 1000shares per trade would be massive.

When you chat to others in the room, via the IRC chat system, you find they don't take many of the trades 'cos they don't have that much confidence in his ability and the member turnover is high. I'm sure some pay just for the company!

Some of his calls looked so bad with just a quick look at my charts that some I could predict with near certainty would fail, and most of those then did just that.

He definitely doesn't like it if anyone questions him about a trade on the room screen and gets very touchy - he say's to ask via his Irc, so other members can't see what he is being questioned on.
He's quite happy to talk about the ins and outs of a good trade though.

That is my experience - yours might be different.

Good luck


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I subscribed to bestdaytrader for a month at its full price ie as a non-trialist. By religiously following Shays instructions I found that the massive profits that Shay claimed were not at all matched by my results. In fact there were no profits at all to speak of. Very often there were times when trades occured using Shays system that resulted in a loss which suprise suprise Shay simply ignored in his results table. Consequently I found their results to be completely inaccurate and misleading which can lead to loss of confidence in their product. Personally I do not equate the services of bestdaytrader with professionalism or accuracy. Of course that is just my independent opinion which one is entitled to express in any true democracy, and one that I would happily defend using watertight evidence in any court on this small planet. (I kept detailed records of all trades recommended during my time with them in a folder- it pays to be meticulous!)

Incidentally I know several people who use the other service mentioned above ie and I have not heard a bad word said about it. Most I spoke to seem to like it. I have not used it myself but I might do so in future.

Hope the above helps and I would not want anyone to waste their money like I did.
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