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SHP lost one fifth of its share value since they announced a $4 billion (£2.57 billion) merger with Canadian group BioChem Pharma on worries that they were overpaying for Pharma and arbitrageurs attempting to profit from short term price disparities..only it looks like the market overreacted, because the deal was announced it sinks in more positive analysis start to appear in the for arbitrageurs they have nearly completed..
Looks like SHP is oversold.. a good chance to get in such a quality company with the price being lowest since May...
Up +33 to 993 today after saying that it had received promising results from clinical trials of a reformulation of its heart failure drug Sampatrilat. The company said it had increased the potency of the drug four-fold since licensing it in 1997 from Pfizer.

I bought at 1001 on the 12th. I saw it as a longer term investment. I jumped in a little too soon but am quite happy since it didn't drop to my stop.
Good luck if you are in.
I am also in, Steve..a little too soon like you but doesn't matter..I am not concerned about SHP...

Up today +27 to 1020 finally breaking the 1000 resistance level after testing it countless times...John, you in?

First share that I have looked at with Omnitrader.....and I am still trying to suss it out with the settings! However, I do not yet have a buy signal, though things are starting to point in the right direction. Let you know more when I understand this little box of tricks a bit more!!!!!

I have also been looking at SHP for a few days and Omnitrader shows it a buy on some systems based on Stochastics/RSI but not yet strong enough to be an overall buy.However that will probably change on the next run of sytems in the next couple of days and of course its doing pretty well today in a falling market.
Got in @9.99 - looking good so far.

Does your analysis give a short term target as well as a buy/sell indicator? (Markets withstanding).

Nipper -if your question is with regard to OT then the only targets are given by trend-line resistance and/or Fibonacci retracements.
In this case Fib levels are relevant and the first level is 1163 then 1225 then 1292.
Good luck!
Up 43 today to 1063..glad at least a few of us got way we lose with SHP..
By the way chart looks quite bullish..

In the meantime more news:

LONDON (AFX) - Shire Pharmaceuticals Group PLC announced it has signed a
research, development and licensing agreement with CeNeS Pharmaceuticals PLC for
the development of CeNeS' dopamine programme for the treatment of Parkinson's
Shire said it also invested 500,000 stg in CeNeS at 62 pence per share and
will fund all development work. Shire will make milestone payments and pay CeNeS
royalties on products developed under the agreement.
Depending on the achievement of future milestones, Shire may subscribe to a
further 500,000 stg worth of CeNeS ordinary shares.
A deficiency of dopamine in the brain is considered responsible for the
major symptoms of Parkinson's disease, Shire said. dover, UK - 19 December 2000 - Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc (LSE: SHP.L,
NASDAQ: SHPGY) today announces that it has signed a research, development and
licensing agreement with CeNes Pharmaceuticals plc (LSE:CEN.L) for the
development of CeNeS' dopamine D1 agonist programme for the treatment of
Parkinson's disease.


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Up again 47 (4.4%) to 1110...

Goldman Sachs has cut its earnings per share forecast for SHP for the year to December 2000 to 20.9p from 23.8p, rising to 30.3p (previously 29.5p) in 2001...still keeping SHP in its "recommended list" with a target of £13.50...

I am not getting out yet..the chart is even more bullish..all signals I use indicate further upward movement..

I have taken a nice little profit today coming out at 1105. No point in leaving good money at risk over the hols.

Best wishes

Well Done John...I am pleased for your profit...I will however hold them for the time being...more positive news flowing and no signs of reversal on the charts...
Goldman Sachs has reiterated its “recommended list” stance on Shire Pharmaceuticals (SHP) at £11.10 and is sticking with a £13.50 price target. Schroder Salomon Smith Barney also rates the stock a "buy" with a £16 price target.

Andover, UK - 22 December 2000 - Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc (LSE: SHP.L,
NASDAQ: SHPGY) announces a decision in favour of BioChem Pharma Inc in the
patent dispute between BioChem and Emory University relating to 3TC(R)/Epivir
(R) (lamivudine).

On 11 December 2000, Shire and BioChem announced they had entered into an
agreement to merge the two groups to form a leading global specialty pharma
company. As part of this announcement, information was provided regarding
patent disputes between BioChem and Emory University, relating to US patent
rights for lamivudine. In a decision yesterday, the US Board of Patent Appeals
and Interferences invalidated Emory University's patent relating to
lamivudine. Shire continues to review the detail of the decision but has not
been advised of any intention by Emory to initiate any other action or appeal
the decision.

Rolf Stahel, Chief Executive of Shire, commented 'In evaluating the merger
with BioChem, Shire investigated carefully the patent situation and sought
advice from external counsel on the probability of an adverse ruling. Shire
welcomes the decision of the US Patent Office.'

I'm still in.
140k buys/940k sells and price hardly moves. Are the MMs after stock or laying a trap?
Anyway John, glad you and cookie got your profits. I believe cookie had another hit on something y2k called. Don't overdo the Bollinger 69 cookie, or is it sangria all the way.
I got into SHP at 10.06 few days ago and glad to see i'm not the only one who thought they were well over punished by the market.
I think the selling today was largely down to xmas and ppl wanting to have cash whilst the uncertainty is with us.
Personally i shall be out at the 12.00 mark ( if it makes it ) which should be achieved by mid jan
Shire Pharmaceuticals Group PLC
3 January 2001

Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc ('the company')

Notification of Major Interests in Shares

The company received notification on 2nd January 2001 from The Capital Group
Companies, Inc, on behalf of its affiliates, that they have a notifiable
interest of 10,762,647 ordinary shares representing 4.21% of the issued
ordinary share capital of the company.

3 January, 2001