Sharky - this isnt right !


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Two points :

(1) OND is suspended, which does not make it worthless, far from it in fact. I can see two people who shorted OND and are higher than me who shouldnt be.

(2) RSV - Room service - your database isnt recognising the decimal places so people are up into the millions !

I trust you will sort ASAP

Thanks, Log
Wow, three lots of people with more than £3 million worth, not bad!

1. When a stock is suspended the system thinks that it has no value hence the mis-calculation. In this situation the only thing I can do it void the trade and refund their money.

2. Not had that one before, but sounds like an issue with the data feed, I can correct this manually.

It might take me 30 mins to sort this out, so check back at 10am, all should be fixed.