Sharky, the price feed seems to be faulty again.

Andy Shelter

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Is it your Bank Holiday problem rearing its ugly wossname again?

You can leave it alone if you like, because I'm enjoying being in the top three, but it doesn't seem to be possible at present to get over the £50k mark.

Andy :cool:
Hi Andy,

I think it may just be possible that by sheer luck or should I say, bad luck - not one person is yet in profit in the share competition at the end of the second day. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Ho. Paul........

Well, can we start with Highland, who has been selling things at a profit all day (according to his trades), but who's portfolio is in deficit.


Hi Andy,

I see you're right about Highland - for some reason his trades we're all recorded correctly, but his portfolio value hadn't been updated (perhaps a last minute price fluctuation?#!) Anyway I've recalculated all the portfolios and Highland has indeed surpassed the 50k mark - sadly no one else has, and for good measure I thought I'd join the competition myself - for my sins! Eeek.

That's amazing Sharky..........

..that the one I looked at was the only one wrong!;-)

What do you make of my Sainsbury portfolio. Shows I shorted 18,000 at about 275p, and the current price 265p. So you might think I'd be £1800 up, not £50 down.

But in fact the 265p price is a nonsense; the real price is about 275p. This has been wrong most of the day. Where does the price feed get 265p from? Is it this morning's opening price frozen?

There surely must be others wrong if the 2 folios I've looked at are.

Hi, i am geeting different prices to those quoted here! Mdy been at 19p bid for most of the morning yet showing less than that here? Is there probs?
Sorry to be a pain Sharky, but I have made about £1500 on Sainsbury this morning, but my portfolio value has not changed one jot.

I'm sure that there is a general problem rather than just specific ones for Highland, Jamie Roberts and myself.

As far as I can see;

-if you ask for a quote, the correct market price is quoted, and the trades are carried out at the right price,
-however, the bid/offer prices shown in our portfolios are wrong, and have frozen, and our portfolio values are therefore frozen as well.

Hope that helps,

Sharky - I agree with Andy. Seeing exactly the same. Actual trading quotes come through OK, but displayed bid-offer prices remained jammed all day yesterday and still are - and portfolio valuation numbers are jammed.
The problem appears to be that when you trade the amount of the spread is taken off your total value and any profit you make is snowballed into the portfolio value. Hence why no one can make a profit on the trading, they have effectively been deducted the spread but not given any profit on the trade.

I would check the formulae for the addition of profits to the portfolio values. Looks like the only bit of the equation that shows the wrong figure.

However, seeing as I am top, I say we do nothing and I win this months competition. Anyone else for that?
Thanks folks for highlighting the problem. It was indeed another post bank holiday trauma, which I have now fixed. All portfolio valuations should now be up to date. Sorry about that.