Series on trading methods (Part 1)


"A Trader just find a best pattern to follow in his life"

I wanna create a series about the patterns I am following that have helped me to profit in this market.

This is one of the patterns what I often expect, I want to start with it because it is one of the most ideal in my opinion.

-> The price moves up and accepts a new Value Area, then I will look for a buy signal.

Moving up in a continuing uptrend means you're buying in a position that is recognized by the community as bullish. In addition, you'll has the backing of big buyers who bought from the low value area, they want to protect and strengthen their position.

This is different from buying on a reversal pattern, where you have to fend off many sellers on the way up, as these sellers need to protect their positions. So even though this pattern offers a bigger profit (if you win), in terms of trade-offs, I still choose to buy on the continuation position.

How about you?


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I add to my positions in a continuation patterns. I allways look for my 1st entry in the reversal, taking the second leg of the W for entry, using a combination of the 200, 50, 13 and 5 emas reactions with price and each other to act as my "signal" and analysing how price is wicking the highs and lows of a level, but my mindset throughout is to allways ask myself, are the market makers happy with the liquidity in this zone, and what do they want the retail trader to believe. I identify each cyclical move into smaller cyclical moves, and can be pretty much boiled down to 3 levels between each peak formation, how price acts in the retrace between each level can dictate wither a level remains separate or if its negated through dipping back into a previous levels liquidty... just gives me an idea of how the market makers are building their own positions to realise the returns on previous prices they facilitated by taking the opposite side to your position, where they wick the highs in a rise level 3 peak formation using the liquidity of the trader longing the breakout to fill their own higher shorts... vice versa in a bottoming formation. Taking into account overall trend direction and I make a consideration some mid run corrections and retraces are just price recovery of the market makers lower sells to facilitate the influx of longs... why I dont rely on a pattern alone for a trade, I fully believe candle charts are sometimes forcefully moved to appear inviting visually, like a bullish pattern, to induce the trader to add liquidity at certain levels
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why don't you concentrate on just 1 instrument intraday pattern and see how good or bad it is? I like the idea as I trade with no indicators just patterns.
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