Y2k said it would tick up to £4 so my thanks to him. All opinions can help in deciding where to get out, or in, provided you maintain your discipline.
Bought in again

Those of you in the chat room would have seen me plunge into these at 345 this morning, they spiked up to 375 within minutes. Riz and MX joined me arond the 355 mark. Both sold out at 375ish, I held. Riz traded SEM another two times for decent profits so well done to him. I see SEM recovering to 400 before long. Strong support level today was 345/350 mark. One to watch.
Glad you took your profit Mark.
You'll get another chance for £4... better safe than sorry.
ohh that ride?

Mark and Steve both deserve praises for the sem call at different times...what a ride it was, I felt dizzy..first time I've traded one single stock 3 times a day for +32, +12 and +9..all cfds.. :)

We haven't finished with sem just yet...