Securing successful strategy from the broker stealing it


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Hey all,
This maybe "too simple" question for the Pros, but I have not found a sensible answer elsewhere.

Is there any way to protect myself from brokerage firms or trading software (TD Ameritrade, Tradestation, Multicharts) "stealing" my strategy, either through the successful back-testing numbers showing up on their end and simply copying it, or them seeing a steady and fast account growth, analyzing and reverse engineering the strategy?

Not sure "legal agreements" would do me any good - I would never know if one of the platform programmers or trade desk folks is exploiting software holes andtrading on the side with the successful customer strategies.
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I wouldn't worry as it is highly unlikely that anyone could reverse engineer anything but the most basic of trading strategies. There have been numerous attempts to work out how those who consistently make profit do it and even when told were still unable to do the same.
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