Seasonal/Spread Trading

Oct 19, 2012
I have been reading some very good articles on this subject, thought I would share with you the links and see what kind of feed back I get.
Thank you and enjoy!

1. Joe Ross trading Educators = http://

2. SeasonAlgo =
( recommended by Joe Ross)

3.TradeMiner =

4. Joe Ross another good page full of information. =

SeasonAglo is a web based software so there is nothing to download and it seems to perform a little better then the TradeMiner which is solely based off database that is sent you. SeasonAglo not only seems to tell us what happened in the past but can from its feed, so it states, can give you a better idea of what will happen in the futures under circumstances you choose.

But I am seriously considering looking into this area of trading, it sounds more profitable with less risk.:clap:
Oct 19, 2017
Hi jcmw1 I'm doing spread and seasonal trading since 2015 and there are great opportunities here. I use seasonalgo to analyze commodities and forecastcycles to analyze mainly stocks. I'm still trading directionally and the second site has also some good indications on stocks. I didn't know trademiner I will check it!
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