Searching the Forums


We've made a couple of updates this morning to the way the search works on the forums.

Firstly, there was a bug on the Advanced Search page ( which meant that whenever you saved your search preferences (yes! you can do that! - there's a button at the bottom of the page) your selection for how you wanted your search results displayed either as posts or threads always saved as the opposite of what you'd chosen. This is now fixed.

Secondly, we've defaulted the search results to display as posts rather than threads. Following on feedback from our newely created focus group it was evident that this is the preferred method to search the forums. So if you haven't already saved your search preferences then it should default to this method, and the quick search box at the top of the page always returns results as posts now too. If people would rather this default to their saved preference then let me know and we can change it.