SCAM ALERT: Winners Edge Casey Stubbs.


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Jul 26, 2008
Hi All,

This is just really about bringing your attention to WinnersEdge and Casey Stubbs website.

They are presently selling a number of products, copy trades, indicators, and trading methods. The problem is they do not honour refund policies at all. The products they sell are better of in the garbage. Forexpeacearmy have some very negative reviews.

So there you go you've been warned.
Apr 26, 2018
Casey Stubbs Is A Scam

I want to warn you all, if you are thinking of buying any of Casey Stubbs products -Don't!

You will lose money and you won't get a refund! I was told I had to wait for 1 year before I could get a refund only to call back after that 1 year to be told that they only honor refunds within the first year!

What a Scam! You don't need to waste your money on this guy or any of his garbage!

Also, Dear Casey Stubbs, if you have the decency to ever actually write me back and return my money, as per your refund policy stated at my time of purchase, then I will take down this post and replace it with a positive one. But, we both know you won't do that. Go ahead, prove me wrong!

Anyone else reading this... now you know! Stay far far away unless you like losing and throwing away your hard earned money!