S. Wales novice seeks like-minded investors


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The title sounds more like a dating proposal than a suggestion for people in a similar position to myself to make contact! So here are the details....
I'm S Wales based small time investor that is slowly increasing my knowledge (and wealth) through investing in shares. Fortunately I am in a position to be near a PC most of the time but that brings problems such as isolation. That's where this board proves to be of so much use. However, it struck me that I'm investing more and more into sources for good information / tips and this could offer the opportunity to develop a mini-group within this community.
My suggestion is to invite just a few people in a similar position to participate in a daily or regular "cyber breakfast meeting". The objective is mainly to pool knowledge and maybe together come to some clear suggestions as to shares to monitor/ invest in. If this works I see no reason why a summary is not added to this board to enable the wider community to benefit. Whatever the outcome I will keep this forum posted.
Finally, I would suggest that participants are within the locality to allow this group to develop into a social context.
If this proves of interest please make contact.



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there is a fairly active group of traders from S.W on advfn.
mainly around Milford / Pembroke area.
but thats really England isn't it ?

whereabouts are you?


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Good to see some interest. Can I confirm that I'm not selling anything, not a business of any kind but restricted as to what I am able to do.
I'm in Wales, Newport which of course is only a stones throw from England and please not feel I'm looking just for a local connection. As described before, the concept is simple and social.




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Hi, Im at uni in North Wales. I have a friend that lives in Newport and it takes here about 6 hours to get home so im not really that local. But is a good idea.



good idea welshmal
i,m from s.wales and trading most days so i'd be available 4 a chat and suggestions.
however i only trade the us indices but good 2 get other feedback from similar like-minded people.
let us know when u aim 2 start off
regards andycapp


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heh heh heh..... yawn.... if only I had a tenner for every time..... :LOL:

Besides, how else would I keep myself in fuel and matches ?


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im from cardiff and a newby trying to learn.with all the ppl on the board posting i've never come across anyone from wales until now.i like the idea of having a local group to exchange ideas etc
please keep me informed



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We appear to have some interest here - I'm aslo getting together a meeting withs coupleof people who are interested in investmenting (property, stocks etc.) as well as trading - perhaps we could combine .... but as Welshmal started this thread I'll leave it to him..

Narrowing down geographically - I'm in Cardiff so anywhere in the locality would be good.
.. Welshmal - care to name a few dates / times ?



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Im from the cardiff area (Blackwood), dont have a speciality act as yet, looking for some good mentoring and tips; spread bet at mo on UK and US shares, indices and crude from time to time.. getting to grips with the big words on here, and some really good guys with good advice given freely to newbies like me.. Anyone going to the trading seminar this tuesday (11thdec) at the marriot???


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Hi all

I'm in Swansea. Looking to set up a trading account when the kids go to full time school in Sept.
Done a bit of trading in the past, enough to know that it is easy to loose and hard to gain.

Not sure which SB firm to go with yet....any suggestions?
Not sure which analysis software/data feed I need or might like; intend to trade UK stocks/indicies and may be FX.....any suggestions?

Hope to speak soon
Have just joined T2W. Your proposed South Wales group looks interesting to me. I live in Newport and trade Forex.
[email protected]


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hiya guys
newby here looking to learn and eager to learn more and more im in aberbargoed and pc access full time
i just need some help so if anyone has the time to spare and your willing to part with your knowledge then i m more than willing to spend some time with you to learn and grab your ideas or if you wish i have a full working office at my home with plenty of pc s for your use if you fancy using them and we can learn together
cheers in advance
e-mail [email protected]
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