Rmc Sale??????


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Ready Mix Concrete,Has anybody noticed last year RMC sold off its
DIY chain, small price rise? Now selling its Hales Waste? What next,RMC looks cheap take over target £3.91 today, My charts tell me to wait for bounce from last months low.?
Any thoughts
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Trickie Rickie
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Hi Trickie.

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I think the downtrend is too strong at the moment, and I can't see last months low holding it. :(

Hi,£3.85 is last months low,I am going to watch to see if it breaks this low, will short if does,or go long for bounce (above £4.00)?
Going to trade the daily DOW this evening, I like to watch and trade the last few hours when the trend are in place.
Did you attend Trade Secrets Conference yesterday at the Barbican,Nick Sparkes was trading live (he does 140-180 trades a day)
hi Trickie

Welcome to t2w! A lot of us were at the Updata conference yesterday. I must admit I was surprised at the number of trades he did per day, but then in trading you have to find what is comfortable (and profitable) for you.

His way is not for me - I like 8-10 trades per day catching the big trends. But everyone to their own!