Risk management, trailing stop software?


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Been lurking a while, lots of good info here..

Question, I'm looking at a few of these softwares that help you manage risk by setting trailing stops for your positions, then indicating you when the stock nears or hits the stop...

Do any of you have experience with these tools? What's your favorite and why? If you aren't into it, curious why not?

Thanks in advance...


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I believe some investment sites do that, however i've not used one yet that does. Might be worth looking into what the offerings are on trading sites.

Unless you are looking for the software to workout what your stop loss and trailing loss may be then i'm not sure if there is such a thing and it's not something i'd suggest you using...


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Thanks... Yes, what I'm looking for are sites/softwares that help you calculate the trailing stop for a specific stock... I've seen a few like smartstops.net and tradestops.com? Thoughts?
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