Reviews on SB/cfd/Direct AccesBrokers


For some time there has been a section allocated on the web site for people to post a small review on a broker or sb company (right hand side 2/3 down). This is for people to learn from other experiences of the different options out there for the trader whether trading full time or not.

Every week I inspect it trying myself to establish who is the 'preferred' broker. I find it a complete minefield determining the better brokers to go with especially as it does not take 5 mins to open an account.

People (including myself) are quick to point out the deficiences in certain companies quicker than the benefits and now that the web site is so large it is difficult to learn from it on a particular subject.

Even now, I do not believe people make very informed decisions on who they adopt purely because there is no central focus for looking unless you are willing to wade through lots of posts. I note that there is now some 2000 odd people registered on this web site yet the amount of input that has been made to this section amounts to about 8 people.

I am as guilty as the next person for not adding my recommendations, which I will now. I would like to ask others to contribute, as surely this is an excellent tool to give the active trader a 'leg up' whether just starting or seasoned trader looking for better service.

If I have just missed it and there is a wealth of knowledge readily available somewhere on this web site then I appologise for wasting your time, and can you just point me in the right direction.

Otherwise - come on, instead of the angry post, put a review in.

Many Thanks

I agree Splurge. I would love to put in a review and always look at that section. However, I am new to trading and, although I have accounts with both Fins and D4F, I feel it would be a little unfair of me to review them until I have at least a reasonable history behind me.
I am running them both at the moment (as from today) so hopefully, reviews on both will not be too far away.
Thanks Splurge for the call to action. In order to help out, I've replaced the top ranking software, with a list of the latest 4 reviews. So you can see straight away if a new review has been added. I'm also going to add the ability to modify your review and change your ranking. That way someone starting out can still post an inital review, and once they've gained more experience later change it to reflect this.

Hope this helps.

Excellent idea for both starters & vets!
FTR, I use etrade for cfd's [9/10], idealing for ISA buy & hold stuff [agian vg on price & service], have just opened with IB for US stock & options [more views on IB very welcome btw!!]. Has anyone had experience with any of the cheap US options firms like options express [although IB may be pretty good and sufficient for avg UK trader needs]
Re style & market interest, I am almost certainly guilty of trying to do too much - and nothing well - by doing both UK & US both for short term and longer position taking. Next week I am spending the day with the Level 2 guru, Naz, to further my scope to US day trading. anyone else suffer from trying to be all things to all people??
Pollux its called - addiction

I too am guilty of spreading myself too thinly.

I trade UK stocks with cfds, furutures and Nasdaq with IB and also dabble a bit with medium term stuff with s/b.

I think another word to describe it all is GREED.

tch tch