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the psychology of reversing a trade is a good talking point. For me the reasons to book profits (get out) are never normally enough for me to take a trade in the opposite direction. I could see how some scalpers might use this though. For example if there is an bullish opening drive from the open and then a bleed back to the opening price, this could be a signal for a bullish potential scalp from the opening price. If price isn't able to hold that opening price I can see why a lot of traders would want to reverse their position. For me personally I trade better when I wait for price to come to me rather than chase the market so I am unlikely to venture into these insta-reverse trades. GLGT

I go with this general train of thought. Nevertheless when I am taking a contra-trend reversal and the move fades, it is invariably a pull-back in the direction of the trend and therefore is by it's nature a good opportunity to get in from a considered PoV.

Nevertheless I do not do it.

To be frank, I would not try this without forward testing for a while anyway but I am intrigued by whether the bias to not do it is a function of an untested trading strategy or it is something more intrinsic like not immediately putting myself into another trade immediately after closing one out.


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Just looked at the chart you posted. Question is, did you bail on the short, wait for the pull-back for the long and then get in or did you hit 'reverse' at some point when you realised the short was offside and you were in a pullback to go long?

I think psych wise there is a big difference between the two scenarios.

It was a case of closing the losing short. Reevaluating and then taking the Long signal over a matter of 10 minutes. So no not a case of instantly jumping on the other direction.

I'll happily change my bais in a very short timeframe, but not i won't instantly reverse through fear that I'm missing out on big move.

I agree there's a big difference, especially if you get hit twice!
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