remote prop Traders?


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Any people in the UK who are trading US stocks remotely through a prop firm here?
I've always been interested in this topic, but i only hear it from the US traders on elitetrader, although most accept people from anywhere as long as you can put up the $5k.
Its a way to get around the pdt rule. if so, Whats the account opening process like? When i go to sites such as bearcapital or nevis there isn't an ''open account'' button like we are used to with spreadbet sites etc. Be interested to hear from anyone taking this route.
I’ve been looking into proprietary trading firms but it is frustrating since there isn’t a comprehensive list of prop trading firms anywhere. So I did the grunt work and combined the different online lists and directories to create the most comprehensive list of proprietary trading firms out there. There are so many firms out there, and they offer so many different combination of fees, environments, training, remote, market specialization, training, etc that you really have to do your homework.