Real-time data for US futures

charliechan said:
i have just ditched e-signal. i trade futures and just couldnt put up with it any more - it started to cost me money in terms of missed opportunity. when it does work, the feed is fast and accurate though. couldnt comment on stocks - most seem to think its ok.

real tick. never used it, but i know people who have and they dont seem that impressed.

im currently using iqfeed ( it seems rock solid so far. for trading us index futures, you are looking at around $80-$90 including exchange feeds, but you also need a chart application like ,, metastock, tradestation etc. the best is probably looks very good, and costs around the $200 mark with data i think. you must cotact them to get a quote. its also from the dtn data plant (like the iqfeed) so should be rock solid. i will take a trial next week.

take a look at the reviews on elitetrader.

Anything to report re. prophetx?
you can get decent real time feed from

i use ninja-trader as a platform (dom) and they have their
own charts, which includes tick data. my data through
them is sourced from TT ie: the same as XTrader. for
this i pay about $50 per month. currently trading ym futures
through Vcap futures at $3.67 per round turn all in.